Frequently Asked Questions

All orders with custom designed sets, please expect a processing time of up to 1 week, not including shipping time.

For orders of pre-made sets only, processing time is 1 business day.

Shipping Time Varies:

Local Vancouver orders: 2-4 business days. (Free Local Pickup)

BC & Other Provinces orders: approx 5 business days

USA orders: approx 10 business days

Australia, and other International countries orders: approx 12-16 business days

*Please note depending on how many orders I am working on, completion time may take longer. I will notify you if there are any delays. Thank you for your understanding.

No, all sales are final, no refunds and no exchanges.

For shipping inquiries to other international countries, please send an inquiry through the Contact tab.

In your prep kit, you are provided with two options of application; sticky tabs or nail glue.

1. Sticky tabs will provide an ease of application and removal but will be easier to come off. Tabs are recommended if you are using them for a special occasion, or a short duration of time of approximately 3 days - 1 week. This method provides higher reusability of approximately 4-5 times if you are gentle with removing them.

2. Nail glue, while a more durable option that can last 1-2 weeks of retention, will require more care in removing them from your nails, which would involve a soak off in warm water and oil. If you try to soak them off with acetone, it will melt the product and the tips so do not soak off with acetone.

If the curvature of the press on nail does not fit your nail bed, you may try applying tabs on the nails and dabbling the border of each tab with nail glue. This method should allow a better fit, and will be less difficult to remove as opposed to only using nail glue.

They are reusable and high quality, and while they do not replace the longer retention of getting gel nails done, they are a great alternative if you do not have time for a gel service.

The ease of use makes it great for special occasions, vacations, and a perfect gift to your friends and family.

Please make sure you enter your shipping address correctly.

Once it has been shipped out with Canada Post, we are unable to assist with locating your order as it is out of our control if the postal service has lost your order.

All packages 'With Tracking' we will attempt to get in touch with the postal service if the package has not been marked delivered after a reasonable amount of shipping time. Your tracking number will be sent to you once the order has been marked fulfilled.

Please note that there are no refunds, and no store credit if your shipping address was entered incorrectly.

Yes, please select Expedited 2-Day Processing With Tracking at checkout.

Please send an inquiry through Contact and provide your e-gift card voucher, the remaining amount of your purchase must be paid by e-transfer or Paypal only.

Toe press-ons offer the convenience of a pedicure without having to sit through a gel service at the salon. They're great for the spring and summer season when you're ready for open toe shoes, and they're reusable!

Sticky tabs are provided, but only the use of nail glue is recommended as there is not enough surface area on the toes for sticky tabs to work effectively.

Retention can last up to 3 weeks on most toes, some may need to be reapplied with glue throughout the weeks depending on the pressure of what type of shoes you wear throughout the duration.